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We  offer Security Services provided by trained and committed security guards to safeguard your business and offer you both peace of mind and an unrivalled security experience.

Afroideas Security provides highly trained and committed security guards to protect your staff and property. All of our Guards are supported by our mobile patrol and response fleet and supervised by our 24-hour Command and Control Centre.

We provide construction site Manned Security Services to safeguard your investment

Construction sites have always been targets for theft and vandalism because these areas contain expensive equipment, gear and supplies. To make sure that your construction site remains safe, we provide unrivaled services for your peace of mind.

Camera System
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Camera Based Motion Detector System for your Security

We are well aware of the security issues faced by construction sites. As a result, we have developed a highly effective system which involves the use of experienced security guards in conjunction with electronic surveillance. To support our man guard on site, we install QR-Coded NFC tags at strategic check points around the site that we are protecting. We can also install a camera-based motion detector system* (*Terms apply) that is battery operated, thus eliminating the need for electric power and cabling, with a control panel that can support several detectors. Once in operation, the detectors will detect motion and record a video clip which is then sent to the Guard’s mobile phone. The guard then reviews this clip and makes further physical checks as necessary. We have found out this to be very helpful in detecting and preventing crime and vandalism because it alerts the guard to any activity away from where he may be at any time and he is able to act in a timely manner.

Our Security Guards

Afroideas Security Guards understand the complexities of safeguarding a construction site and know exactly what measures need to be installed.

Our highly-trained SIA guards patrol the site around the clock to make sure that no unsupervised person enters the area. The guards are trained to always stay vigilant and keep a sharp eye on all the machinery and installations in the site.

They ensure that only relevant and authorised people are allowed to enter and leave the site.

Mobile Patrols: Patrolling your premises nationwide

Afroideas Security Patrol Service provides a complete low-cost security solution to ensure that your premises is secure at all times.

Our security personnel carry out high visibility patrols to prevent criminal activity, which eliminates the need for you to hire a full-time security guard. For those sites that cannot rely on Static static security services alone, we can provide patrols by highly trained and effective Dog handlers thereby enhancing your site security.

Dog Handler


“The professionalism displayed at all times from your Security Guards provided us with the reassurance that our building site was protected with hard working and trustworthy personnel – Thank you for everything you did in giving us that piece of mind that we were in safe hands”

S. Smith, General Manager, Milgroove Construction

“Site security was carried out in a professional manner at all times”

D. Nicholson, Manager, Poterhouse Limited

“A quick response and efficient performance for our site needs at Berewood Waterlooville”

J. Francis, Project Manager, Aquinna Homes Ltd
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